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[column size=”1-3″ last=”0″ style=”0″] Left on Red’s story began when Liah and Kelly decided to make their living exclusively through busking in the New York Subways.” They are proud members of MUNY (Music Under New York), an organization that organizes professional musicians that play in public spaces throughout New York City.

Left On Red’s upcoming release, “Tracks” was inspired by their experience as buskers and uses sound samples from the New York City Subway as interludes that connect the songs and tell a story of how humans and technology travel together.

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Subway Busking Schedule:


Busking FAQ:

What is busking?
Street Performing

Do you need a permit for that?
In NYC, you need a permit to perform with an amplifier. Otherwise, anyone can go play acoustically in the subways and accept tips. The rules are different for parks and other cities/places. When we perform with amplification it is under a city-run program which gives buskers permission to play certain spots at certain times with amplification. That program is called MUSIC UNDER NEW YORK (MUNY). You can tell the MUNY musicians because they have banners with this logo on them:


Can you actually make a living doing that?
Depends on what kind of living you want to make 😉 actually yes, and there are many buskers making a living busking everywhere.

How long have you been busking?
Kelly: 7 yrs  Liah: 5 yrs

What is your favorite part of busking?
All the cool people we meet and the smiles we see!