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May 20, 2013

Taking Our Own Direction..LOR On Hiatus

I’ve been here before

on the freeway taking my own way


I thought I could stay

but the seasons changed

and a new wind has blown

and all I know..

Here I am back on the road, nothings lost and nothings owed

Driving off into the sun like a gypsy on the run

another town another year,

somewhere not to far from here

I will find another smile

If I go the extra mile

(lyrics from the Extra Mile, Alonso/Davis/Halloran)


Dear friends,

We apologize that Left On Red has been out of touch for a while and want you to know you are still very much in our hearts. It has been a really wonderful past few years performing for you! In a short time, Left On Red went from subway performers to touring musicians and had the pleasure of sharing our music and positive message across the country, France and Spain. We have recorded 2EPs, 1 Full-length concept album and 1 live album; collaborated with many wonderful non-profits and started A Chocolate Revolution! We have grown a lot in this time as artists and individuals andyou’ve brightened our spirits and cheered us on along the way. Hopefully we too have touched your lives with our music:)



Left On Red is more than just a band, it is a philosophy. It means to take your own direction and follow your dreams nomatter what it takes. It means to question the norm and to stand up for what’s right, even if sometimes you stand alone. It is not defined by it’s members or instrumentation. With that we formally announce Left On Red’s hiatus. Thank you to those fans that have written asking of our whereabouts and/or requested we play in your town or make a new record..the music will continue on! We, Liah and Kelly, are going our separate ways and both taking this time to pursue new projects and sounds around the world. Please follow us in our new artistic endeavors: Kelly at and Liah at Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about our individual performances, releases and other info we think you’d enjoy. Thank you for accompanying us on this’s been a great run!!


May you always be filled with the joy of music. 

Shine On,


Left On Red

Liah and Kelly

December 3, 2012

The 12 Days Of Showimas are finally here!

Hey Loves!

Hope this newsletter finds you feeling good:)

I am happy to announce the 12 days Of Showimas! What is Showimas you ask? Well, it’s a new word I just made up; non-religious, non-secular, approved for all beliefs and ages, safe to enjoy while driving, a non-fat noun and hopefully unoffensive to any and all who read this (whew;) word to describe the 12 more Left On Red shows this December! Yay!

I can hardly believe that this tour and this year is coming to a close. What a transformational and challenging year 2012 has been! Left On Red has gone from Subway Buskers to full-time touring musicians thanks to a lot of hard work and the support of our fans across the globe! It is with much love and humility that I say thank you for joining us on this path..It would not be possible without you! We plan to thank you in music at every show on The 12 Days Of Showimas! Join us in Florida and NYC and let’s celebrate the holiday season Left On Red style!



FLORIDA: Seminole Coconut Creek Casino 12/15 and The Standard Hotel in Miami 12/16

NYC 12/17: Rockwood Music Hall – Final show of 2012 and our debut at this awesome venue! It’s a Monday night but didn’t we decide that Monday’s are the new Saturdays now?

All 3 of these shows have corresponding events on Facebook so click on the event to RSVP and help spread the word.




Liah and Kelly



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November 9, 2012

Interview with

Check out the interview from the awesome press-kit and booking site
We answered questions about playing in the subways, being on the road, booking gigs and of course, rockin out with Tom Morello!

Excerpt From Interview:

PK: Left on Red busked on the streets of NYC a lot early on in your career together. Do you think that experience has had anything to do with your current successes?

LEFT ON RED: Absolutely. Playing in the subways was a great way to connect with people and see what sounds resonated with them. The person who stops and listens or buys a CD when they hear a subway performer is unexpectedly engaged; they are happily surprised and life is more musical, less lonely and we got to witness the power of music like that first-hand on so many occasions. Playing in the subways also prepared us to always expect the unexpected, and furthermore to not let distractions take away the focus from the music. During our subway performances we would see lots of people doing lots of kinds of crazy things. We have seen people taking their clothes off while we were playing, people crawl out of the subway tracks, people slamming into our gear…not to mention the challenge of playing in the cold and hauling gear up and down many sets of streets and stairs. Equipment malfunctions, busker face-offs…SO many challenges. We would play for 4 hours at a time, sometimes twice a day. We feel fortunate that now we are on the road and the set-backs that are typical for a touring band just don’t seem bad when you compare them to where we have been and when we dream about where we are going.

Read the full interview HERE:)


October 31, 2012

In Hurricane Sandy..twice.

We might as well become storm chasers!

So basically, Kelly and I flew back to NYC from tour to experience this hurricane with our NYC family and friends. Both gigs we were scheduled to play (The Canal Room and Rockwood Music Hall) were cancelled due to Sandy. However, that disappointment pales in comparison to our many friends and neighbors who have lost their homes and are still without power or heat. Gratefully, we are both safe and thank everyone for reaching out to us in this difficult and scary time. Please pray for NYC, it’s hard times. Although we experienced the hurricane FL and in NYC- the devastation is much worse here.

Planning to continue our tour of Florida as planned on Saturday.
Thanks again for your support..Sending love out there:)