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Mexi-Jewish Amazonian Warrior princess, adventurer of the world, feared and adored the world over: This is Liah Alonso. Born a laughing baby in California and raised in Mexico and both coasts of the USA, Liah’s innate desire to entertain and uplift others is palpable when she enters a room. She began singing and acting as a young child and writing stories, songs and poetry as a tool to understand and interpret the world.

After graduating with a degree in Media Studies from NYU, she used her expensive education to become a professional subway musician alongside her partner in crime, violinist Kelly Halloran. Together they formed the high-energy, soul-shining, foot-stomping kick-ass band called Left On Red. Left On Red has recorded 2 EP’s and a full length concept album called TRACKS (to be released in Spring 2012). You can hear their music and find out when they will be performing near you at