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Meet Liah Alonso and Kelly Halloran, collectively known as Left on Red. The two young women’s talents run the musical gamut but they are primarily an acoustic rock group featuring Liah on guitar, Kelly on violin, and both on vocals with lots of harmonies. Left on Red means simply to take your own direction. Despite meeting on a traditional gig Kelly and Liah’s true maturation as a duo actually began in the subway stations of New York City. Over the last 2 years LOR has wowed public audiences with their brand of fun socially relevant lyrics and improvisational instrumentation.

In addition to busking, Left on Red routinely play in hospitals and nursing homes as well as performing for Veterans on a shared bill with Tom Morello and his organization Axis of Justice, Musicians on Call, YWCA and many more.

Left on Red’s captivating shows consist of originals and cover songs, diverse in era, genre and language. The duo officially came together in early 2008 and in early 2009 they took their unique brand of music from the New York streets to the masses in the form of their debut album, which is available on iTunes.

Their self-titled disc features an entertaining range of genres and topics that appeal to both men and women of all ages. “Shop” finds LOR singing about America’s addiction to retail, “Crash and Burn” deals with the poisoning of our food, while the self explanatory “High Heel Blues” and the duo’s first single “Jack and Jill” will hit home with anyone whose dealt with societal expectations. The beauty of LOR is they find a way to present heavy hitting topics in a fun manner, leaving audiences enlightened, empowered and happy.